Studio 2 by Soak Garage

Studio 2 by Soak Garage

The idea of a caravan based studio appealed to me but everything I had seen done on the internet looked a little new aged tacky for my taste, rectangle boxes with graffiti sign work or some boring as hell mobile tattoo unit signage that I just couldn’t see myself towing around and being proud of.

That was until I attended a local rockabilly car show one year, whilst checking out all the oldschool hotrods, I stumbled across a vintage little caravan with a pin up styled female tattooing these solid traditional tattoo’s out of it, I was blown away, the caravan itself was a little girly for my taste, but fitted her to a tee, I saw she was busy and didn’t want to bother her but seeing this chick in action popped a little animation off in my head of all the possibilities.

I already had acquired this old caravan with the intention of renovating it and taking it away but I had since bought a roof top tent I wasn’t sure if I needed a caravan anymore

So basically it was just sitting around not getting used up until recently.

I’ve kept this little project relatively under wraps, and just gathered items where and when I could afford bits and pieces so that I could begin converting an old caravan into a wicked little single person tattoo studio, as I continue to build on it I am hoping it will become one of the first off grid tattoo studios, with the ability to park anywhere there is a pleasant backdrop and do some art with good company that they will get to keep for eternity.

The problem was it was taking so long to get done that I just got to a point where I said enough was enough, closed my tattoo appointments off temporarily and began work on it whenever I could get some free time from my usual work schedule.

What you have been reading is a bit of a mind dump for me of just bits and pieces through out the build process, I have tried to capture as much as I can but im new to this whole publish a story thing so bare with me as I soldier on.

Once it was 90% torn down, I felt the need to bump out the lower half of the wall making room for some insulation whilst becoming a bit of a future aesthetic feature.

This also allowed me to tie in the existing frame work of the caravan, I figured the extra weight would be saved by the shear lack of cupboards and furniture this studio will need.

 I Began to play with layout ideas in my head, planned on doing a proper 3d render but time hasnt allowed me the luxury yet, I must push onward.

The first few panels are up, starting to get a feel for a final product for the first time, imagining the trims that I will attempt to create and figuring out areas that will need special attention in the finish.

As it starts to take shape, I am getting a feeling of real vintage steeze about this, Im looking forward to adding more additions as time goes on creating art out of this oldschool camper


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