Second Wind Tattoo Studio

A product built by soak garage.

A way to tattoo without limitations

Working in a busy tattoo studio that was open 7 days a week for 6 years, there was one major flaw, there was never any time to go out and see things other than the same street in st kilda, the lust for the great out doors and a delapetated caravan left us with the foundations for what would later become the second wind tattoo studio.

The build process for this caravan based tattoo studio was done slowly over a mater of months if not years, done with the intention of never truely being finished so that it would continue to morph with every adventure it goes on. We did our best to document bits and pieces of the build so click the icon below to check out the progress

Tattoo Portfolio and Flash,

Currently under construction we've decided to place previously done works and available discounted flash in for you to check it out and if second wind ever blows through your neighbourhood it might just pay to hit us up for a wicked tattoo and a cool story to boot!

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